Something one needs lots of when parenting young children. When do I lose my patience?

When they don't do what I want them to do as quickly as I want them to do it.

When they interrupt what I am trying to do.

When they need me to be a good parent and I don't want to.

It really comes down to I lose my patience with them when I am being a bad parent!

I get frustrated when I am trying to email someone and they can't find a toy they NEED and whine because I can't tell them exactly where said toy is located. I get angry when they are being silly boys and I am running late, trying to get to church somewhat on time. I get impatient when they are talking at the table instead of eating.

Why is it all about me? Isn't my job to PARENT them? Isn't it my mission to lovingly train them in the ways of the Lord? Am I giving them a vision of a loving God or a vision of the self-absorbed Other Guy?

I'm afraid it is too often that Other Guy. As parents we need to give ourselves grace when we fail, but not excuse ourselves. Will I lose it with my kids today and speak harshly? Probably. But I must truly seek the Lord's help to NOT act this way. It must be a constant battle for me.

I want to be a graceful parent? I must actively train myself to be a more graceful parent.

How do I attempt to fight this battle?

Music - My Grooveshark praise playlist, Pandora Hymn station or classical music is almost always playing at my house. It is harder for me to yell at my kids when Chris Tomlin is singing, "How Great is our God" in my ear.

Scripture - Some friends and I are memorizing the book of Colossians this year. I try and carry around my verse for the week in my pocket and when my blood pressure starts to go up, I stop and read over the verses.

Play - Put down the dishcloth and pick up a Matchbox car.

Books - Again, put down the dishcloth and read to them (am I the only one who feels like I clean up the kitchen a million times a day?).

Touch - When I need to discipline or when they are whining or I am tempted to commit child abuse, I caress them. This is hard because I am tempted to smack them :) but in touching them with a loving hand I am better able to speak words of grace. It is also much more effective to discipline face to face than to yell from the next room, not that I ever do that! :)

Do I have responsibilities? Yes.
Do I want them to think the world revolves around them? No.

But I do want them to know that our Father loves them and is full of grace and holiness.

Parenting is a balance.

Speaking firm words in a graceful voice.
Being responsible for my daily work, not my daily computer addiction!!!
Listening to my children with my full attention and then turning THEIR attention to what they need to do.

I have discovered that I must have a time in the morning before they get up to cozy up on the couch with my coffee and my Bible.

Feeling very convicted of my behavior this morning and praying for the patience that only He can give me.

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