Caleb at our creek

I know you think I died. My family and friends have written me off as a no show.

I've been Missing In Action but now I'm Back In the Saddle!!

I will update my blog! I will, I will.

Because life is too interesting around here to keep it to myself.

And because I can't remember what happened yesterday so I'd better write it down somewhere!

Like Caleb drinking a sour blue raspberry icee and how every time he took a sip he scrunched his face up and put his hand just in front of his mouth. Crack us up!

Or taking the boys to Escalade Climbing Gym and after 4 tries Carter making to the top and hitting the buzzer! I found out they have homeschool days so we will be back every month, the boys had a blast!!

Well, they had a blast in the kiddie area.

Caleb never made it much above my head climbing.

I will post about how homeschool kindergarten is going soon, I promise.
But this should give you a clue. Friday we watched our 4 yr old neighbor for a few hours in the morning so I told Carter we didn't have to do school right then if he wanted to play. So when said neighbor came over I overheard Carter say,

"Mommy says I can skip school this morning if I want to because you are over but I don't want to. I love school! It is my favorite thing in the whole world."

Yes, I cried.

And then squeezed the ooey gooey stuffing out of him!!!!

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Jeanne  – (October 11, 2011 at 2:44 PM)  

So glad you're BIS. I've missed you!

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